Bild der Woche 21.10.2000
Picture of the week - Mobile Hairstylist

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As we know, this page is linked by an hair-style-portal in the USA. we say "hello" to our overseas visitors. You are visiting the internetmagazine "goest" that deals with local matters of Goettingen (Germany).

This Haistylist is just working at any place he likes to work, flouting orders of the local authorities. The picture has been taken at a place in front of a church, a common place but although belonging to the church, so the police didn´t know what to do


Freier Friseur ..., der überall wo es ihm passt in der der Stadt sein Friseurstand aufstellt. ein FREIseur eben, hier vor der Jacobikirche.


It makes always people smiling. 

Dieses öffentliche Haareschneiden verbreitet irgendwie eine gute Laune .

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